Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two metals are placed in electrochemical contact in the presence of an electrolyte.

This then results in corrosion of the less resistant of the metals in question (anodic/anode), while the stronger; more noble cathodic metal will corrode much slower.

Seeing the image listed below, the table provides an insight as to where this can occur:


“The Online Inserts Specialist”

Good day to you all,It’s been an incredibly busy few months here at Insertsdirect, adding a host of new products to our ever expanding ranges,surpassing all expectations and our previous best sales figures! Strengthening relationships with both old and new customers, I’ve definitely been kept on my toes!

I’m looking at taking Insertsdirect to the next level, to kick start this, we will now be known as “Insertsdirect – The Online Insert Specialist”. I believe Insertsdirect currently is and can continue to be the premier online insert supplier. While also being a font of specialist knowledge, that can help you find that perfect solution to your problem and have those urgent last minute requirements to you next day!

New Website Improvements and changes

What may be up and coming with the new website launch you may ask? There are various site alterations that I believe will help you, as our customers through out the site. Such as our new 3D product models to fully visualize the units before purchasing, navigation and layout improvements and the order tracking system.

New Products and Ranges
M6 Speaker Spike Kit               M8 Speaker Spike Kit

Both of these kits (inclusive of Drill Bits), provide a simple and elegant method of improving the sound quality provided by the speakers themselves.

This suitcase enclosed Rivet Nut Hand Tool is even stronger than our standard, now provided with four different installation mandrels, this kit supplies the user with a more cost effective product to install multiple types of Rivet Nuts.

A staple product of ours, now back in stock we provide a simple and effective Rivet Nut Hand Tool alongside 5 Rivet Nuts of each type, M4, M5 and M6.

For all your questions and queries don’t hesitate to contact me on:

01746 769999

Ebay and purchasing with a credit card

Every so often we get queried whether or not the customer in question can purchase without a Paypal account, unknowing to us at the time you can purchase via credit card using a guest account.


  • Item must be purchased using Buy It Now.
  • You can purchase two items through eBay using a guest account, afterwards you are required to register as an eBay member
  • Items must be purchased from sellers who have a feedback score of 50 or higher and have a 98% positive rating.
Guest account Advantages:
  • Being able to track orders
  • Buyer protection for up to £500 (even for guest purchases).
How to purchase using a guest account:
By following these simple steps you can easily purchase online via eBay quickly and easily without having to register and setup a PayPal account.
Step 1: Product selection
Here I’ve selected one of our Screw Anchor range for this explanation, once on this page press the “Buy it now” Button” and proceed to the next stage.
Step 2: Guest account selection
eBay will next prompt either a log in, for someone with an account available or a Guest account option. By clicking onto the Guest option you will be taken through to the next purchase stage.
Step 3: Purchase Review
Here you will be requested to enter your postal address and to ensure that your product selection and other variables such as postage address etc are correct.
Step 4: Payment information
eBay will ask for you to sign into PayPal, obviously for this example we will be taking the “Don’t have a PayPal account” option to continue as a guest.
The next prompt after this will be for your credit/debit card information to take payment, it will once again confirm your transaction total as well as billing and contact information.
Step 5: Payment Finalization/Confirmation
The final page of the transaction process will complete the purchase of the selected products and debit the account in question, the page re-iterates the postal address and any other vital information for a final check. Upon clicking the “Confirm Payment” button your purchase will be complete.